Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Three Little Words

Everyone says those three words are the hardest to say
But when the right situation happens, you know you need to say them
I understand that
And I am actually happy to say them
So Bennett
I. Was. Wrong
But I'm glad you can keep your fish alive :]

Monday, May 24, 2010

oh cool.

oh cool.
I woke up in the morning.. feeling like a popsicle.
Yep. It was snowing.
eh, who cares! We needed the water :]
I walked to the bus stop in about four inches of SLUSH.
Seriously. Grey, wet, slushness.
But its everything is still fine fine fine :]
When I got on the bus my seat was wet.
It looked Kind of like I peed my pants when I stood up.
Oh well!
Might as well laugh it off!! :]
When I got to the transfer station,
a LARGE BLOCK of snow fell off the slanted roof
and on
At least I was awake for class though eh? :]
When I hopped on my second bus,
I for SURE slipped on the wet floor
right onto
But she was super nice about it :]
When I finally got to . s . c . h . o . o . l .
I stepped off the bus right into a
sWaMp of slush.
I was wet more than half way up
my calf.
But it wasn't the end of the world.
I was at school SUPER early.
So I decided to go check my make up in the bathroom
Turns out my umbrella wasn't that great
and my hair was lookin curly and crazy from the rain.
But who doesn't have a bad hair day? :]
Class was incredibly boring
Full of information I already knew
With a guest speaker whom I meet with regularly
But at least I already knew the information.
Then off to the gym!
Which was super crowded.
And most the good machines were taken.
But I met a super nice guy on the crappy machine:]

It was a pretty rotten day looking at it on paper.
But wanna know whats weird?
Not one bit of it bothered me.
Not even for a half second.
I just kind of laughed it
All off. And now I am
Feelin not too bad.

Life is great eh?

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Pick a Day!

Today is Wednesday, May 19th. It's a Great Day :]
The day after tomorrow is Friday, May 21st. That's a Great Day :]

Friday is my birthday.
Good age?
Eh. Can't complain.
Nothing too great happens when you are a girl and you turn Nineteen.
It mostly just means that all of your guy friends are gone, or leaving soon.
But I'm still stoked!
It sounds like 19 will treat me well.
I sure hope it does.
When your birthday is close everyone always asks
"What do you want for your birthday?"
Well I'll tell you :)
I Want it to rain!

So that someone can Buy me these

And I can do this!

Then Afterwards I want to go inside and clean up to find my boyfriend Bennett Gave me this!

Then I want to go Blog about it on this little cutie!

When I'm done blogging I'll put it pack it up in this beautiful bag!

And I'll spend the whole day listening to Them!

"Because You saved me life once" :)
And that is what I want for my brithday.
Or cold hard cash.
Either way.

Monday, May 17, 2010

3 Peices Of My Heart

Everyday I wear the same three Bracelets.
Mostly because they are
Heart. I have a Turquoise Bracelet.
My Grandpa Dan gave me this bracelet years ago. It belonged to his wife Lina, it was just an old piece of jewelry and he gave it to me on my birthday. It fit my small wrist perfectly. I wore it on and off for years. But this year it became a part of my daily wardrobe. My grandpa has always stressed the importance of education to all of his grandchildren, and always had time to discuss future plans with us. As I started my freshmen year of college I had quite a few decisions to make, I knew I wanted to be a nurse, but that was about all I knew. My Grandpa walked just about to the end of the earth to help me figure everything out. He is completely supportive of my decision to be in school and helps me every time I get stuck and in every way. Seeing my bracelet everyday helps me remember that no matter what, someone is there to help me through school.

I have a Leather Bracelet.

Madi brought this bracelet back from Hawaii for me. Its just a leather bracelet with my Hawaiian name written across the top. I loved the bracelet when I got it last summer, but I didn't think of it as much more than a mere bracelet. At the end of that summer Madi left to Logan to go to school at Utah State. She still comes home once a month or so, but I don't see her often enough. When she left we all knew that everything was going to change a little, not in a bad way, just in a different way. The thought really scared me. Madi had been such a big part of my life since Junior year it seemed weird to have her far away. Some of my best high school memories are doing stupid things with Madi, Cassidy and Annie. More than all of those dumb things though, we all talked. All the time. I remember years of high school Madi text me in the mornings. Mostly dumb things, once she even said "you move like a turtle giving birth". But it always made my day. Even though we don't all see each other much anymore, every time I see my bracelet I remember that we are always still there for each other.

I Have a Silver Bracelet.

I haven't ever taken this bracelet off. Not since the day I got it. I love it. Trina gave me this bracelet. Its just a silver bracelet with the words "it was then that I carried you" etched on it. Losing my dad was so difficult for me. I was angry and depressed most the time. I was having a hard time with everything, work, school, friends, and boys. Trina and my dad had always had a very special relationship with one another, and at his funeral she told me I could call her anytime. I bet she regrets that one :). Trina is my rock. I called her when my first boyfriend dumped me, I text her when I had a bad day at school, I went and cried on her shoulder simply because I missed my dad. Its comforting because she always seems to have the right thing to say, whether she just listens to me cry, or swears at the world for me. Her bracelet is important to me for those very reasons. When the world got to rough for me, Heavenly Father carried me through it, and when things just got a little hard, Trina let me ride piggy back. :)

So, don't ask to borrow them.

Because they are mine.

My heart that is.

Summer Parking?

Oh have you heard?
How come Rain or Shine I Ride this bad boy?
Why you may ask?
Because I have a pretty little Sentra.
So why waste my time?
Why ride the Creepster bus?
And sometimes deal with Narcissa?
Oh because UVU parking passes are $80.
Eighty Dollars
Eight Zero Dollar Sign
A TEE Doll Hairs!
And I don't have eight dollars.
Let alone that 80.
But its not all so bad.
My bus usually comes on time.
And it saves me oodles on this Crud.
Only Problem is this semester I have a night class.
One night class.
Tonight actually.
It starts at 6pm
And goes until 8:30pm.
ooooh. Problem.
The last bus to meee house leaves the transfer station at 8:09pm.
I don't leave Wolverine Cross until 8:40pm.
So I've been Bussing over to school
Then making my mommy pick me up.
Like in middle school :)
But It wastes a lot of time, and a lot of Yassoline.
But guess what I discovered?
Summer Parking at UVU?
So I don't have to walk to the bus stop at quarter to 7?
In the dark?
Sometimes while it rains?
I guess I just really loved it.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Hot Stuff!

Remember him??
Our cute little chubs?
Well Our little Chubby is sixteen now...
He has definitely grown up :)
And he cut is hair off...
Into much better 'Do.
Now He looks kind of like this
(no its not Brett, It really is chubs)Don't get us wrong..
He's still the same fun loving kid..
Enjoys Food
Video games
Oh and did we mention his dancing also grew up?
And now He can bust a Move like this??
And spin them ladies around like THIS!

What can we say? He's just our little hotstuff!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Just a nickel away

4506 words. Good work right? right.

Oh wait, minimum 5000 words.

Writer's block?

Sounds good!

So.. Now what?