Friday, June 25, 2010

swing open up your chest

There are days I wish...

I had big Girl hands

I had super long distance telephone

I could Be a Photographer

I could go back in time

I was a nurse saving lives

I could sing

I was in love

But most the time I just like being me.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

'til we see the sunlight

Dear Father time,
Why are you crawling??
Thursday was the day of the jeep ride?! Nuh uh.
That was only six days ago.
It must have been at least two weeks.
Listen, I don't mean to rush you.
But really, lets pick up the pace!
Finals started on Monday? not possible.
I have been doing nothing but homework for a SOLID two weeks.
This. Is. Not. Great.
Its only June? Not cool.
That means Vegas is still Eight weeks away.
It should be here tomorrow?
Baby Boy has only been gone for four months?
Boo Fresh has only been gone for two?
Pretty sure their year mark was like yesterday.
It hasn't even been four years?
No. That has definitely been a life time.
I refuse to believe other wise.
Okay Father time, its for real now.
I'm not even going to ask you to hurry.
I just want it to be real.
I want time to feel like actual time.
Love you.

Monday, June 21, 2010

i'm addicted is a crisis

Summer :]

It feels like its just getting here.

partially because of the snow in may?
partially because its all so different from last year.

Graduate? yep that was me.
Mud fights? because it was so great Sears? at least it was money
Texas boys? texting everyday
Salt Lake? because madi and i are sneaks!
The family of four? Every weekend
Idaho? just for poe.dunk.
Drama? not even
Wallsburg? lots please :]
Barbecues? Nicole's burgers are the best
Rock Canyon Park? Just to model
Rape Alley? Regulars
Long Boarding? Even though I'm s..l..o..w..
Movie Nights? Nicole's couch is so comfy
Meteor shower? kicked in the head. BonFires? everywhere.
Do I miss summer 2009? You got it.

Am I stoked for summer 2010? Easy.

Dear summer.
Please arrive soon.
I can't wait for you much longer.
School is sucking my soul.
Best Wishes

Shall we?

Sunday, June 20, 2010

take on the world, and we want to get caught.

Lets talk about this.

Dear England
He's obese.
He enjoy's green.
He is so excited.
He will do so great.
But we miss him.
Quite terribly actually.
So please, treat him well.
Love sister, mom, sister.

Dear Mexico
You keep our mail from him.
Your food is hard on him.
Everyone wants to be
baptized by him.
He is so great.
But I miss him way
too much.
If he gets hurt.
I. Will. Kill.
Love H.bomb

Dear Messena
He's a little critter.
He thinks he's black
He knows how to Dougie.
He is changing lives.
He's easily frustrated.
Be patient with him.
I miss him.
Love Boo

Dear "sea turtle"
I needed him this year
You have him instead
I miss him everyday
I hope he knows, that I'm sorry
I hope he knows that I love him
I hope he's happy now
Everyone says
"they needed missionaries"
to everyone I say
"I needed a dad"
I love him.
Remind him to save me a seat
Love Sis

Dear UVU
Finals week?
First week of the block?
You shouldn't combine the two.
I hope my grades are good.
Nursing school is decades away.
Or just around the corner?
Treat me well this block.
I Treated you well.
Love lynna peterson

Dear Shaun Roundy
I have done lots of posts for you.
Just never e mailed them.
I might need a more points.
Feel free to tack some on.
FYI I spend the whole class period
talking myself out of talking
to you after class.
You scare me.
I don't know why.
I think you're a nice person.
You're a great teacher.
You just scare me.
Thought you should know.
Love, Lynna

Sunday, June 13, 2010

You and me walk on

Here's the thing.
He's going to do so great.
He's just so obese.
Check ya later Elder Misbach.
(there are seriously a million pictures)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

We'll Melt Your Popsicle

Remember how I am just shy of five feet.

Well lets get real. I am five feet.

I mean I'm so five feet I'm pratically five two.


Wellll maybe not.

Secretly I'm Four feet Eleven inches.


I usually tell people I'm in the Ballpark of five feet.

But I'm not
Mr. Keith White once told me a random fact.
If you extend your arms all the way at shoulder level.
And measure from fingert tip to finger tip.
That is about how tall you are.
In theory, my arm span.
When raised at should level.
Should be how tall I REALLY should be.
Without this silly scoliosis
Bar in the back
Spinal fusion business.
So Chubs and I conducted
A small experiment
I had him measure my arm span.
From middle finger
To middle finger.
Want to know the conclusion?
Four Feet Eleven and A quarter Inches.
Are we being for real right now?
I was always meant to be this tall?
I really shouldn't be blaming my height on
Burl and Agnes?
Well. Stink.
Dear Dr John Smith.
You said six feet.
I want my money back.

Monday, June 7, 2010

see it feels bad now but its gonna get better

11 weeks until Vegas
10 days until cassidy leaves for England
9 months until baby Ryker (kira we LOVE that name) comes into the world
8 more hours of nursing 1400
7 fabulous new songs
6 days until brett's birthday/cass's farewell
5 page paper due on monday
4 days until a cassidy and annie date
3 previous numbers mentioning cassidy
2 cute boys to text
1 scary movie awaiting my death.


Sunday, June 6, 2010

And to me its exciting

in case you were wondering

I hate when people touch their noses

I am not all that great at text messaging

I find listening to voice mails to be highly inconvenient
(but not to the point of hatred like mw)

The way to my heart is through an iTunes card

Rarely will I pass up funeral potatoes

I wish I were a better cook

My back hurts 86% of the time

It took me three times to find the percent key just now.

I'm aware that my music sucks. I still love it.

Dancing in my car is happiness

I don't care that I'm not smart

So many people think I have a speech impediment.

Spelling words wrong stresses me out.
(which is inconvenient because I'm not the greatest at spelling)

I tell myself stories at night to get to sleep

I have a love affair with taking pictures
(as long as I'm not in them)

I'm 100% okay with being pasty pale white.

Yes, I am short. No you aren't making a new discovery Copernicus

I get uncomfortable when people swear around me
(so don't do it)

Whiny facebook status' annoy me, and might even lead to me deleting you as a friend

I wish I were cutesy and creative, but I'm not

I usually dream about other people's lives

Generally, I tell my mom everything.

I don't particularly care what people think about my blog

I love facebook stalking

And blog stalking for that matter

i GeT cOnFuSeD wHeN PeOpLe TyPe LiKe ThIs

Dear Taylor Lautner, You're fine. It's fine. Love H.Rock.

I'm Usually looking for an adventure

random activities make me happy
(hey you, lets play in a tent)

I never know if people read my blog

I don't know what type of posts Mr. Shaun Roundy is looking for

Cassidy leaving makes me sad

People don't like my random text messages. But I still send them :)

Dancing in my living room is pure joy.