Saturday, July 31, 2010

music to my ears.

My friends are amazing.

"I can't, the chickens too large.."

"There are no trains in provo"


"Dang. I'm Good"

"Maybe his brain gets cold..."

"Meet our son Heussien."


"I'm sorry. Nobody likes you."

"You know how Dumbledore dies at the end of this movie? Yeah kind of like our relationship."

"I'm Awesome!!! No you're not man don't lie...."

"Grandma! I'm smarter than a christmas tree"

"What? No refills."

"First of all, He's not that great, Second of all, she's not that great, Third of all HE'S NOT THAT GREAT"


Monday, July 26, 2010

Let the love love love begin

Lets be real.
If you ever need a laugh
Or even a smile
Call these Boys :]

David cuteness?
Compliments of me.

You're welcome.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

I feel my knees start to tremble

can i get a quick rewind?


Oh hey. Remember the other day when i was talking about...


Oh.. YEP

Well with so many friends getting married, me and a lot of my [SINGLE] friends have been talking about marriage. 

Its really a fascinating subject.

Well during these conversations we talk a lot about the BIG things. Money, Religion, Food, Children, Education, Jobs and so on...

All very important things that I'm sure I won't understand until I'm actually married.

But a certain cute girl, helped me remember to think about the little things too.

So what do i want?


In my future husband I want:

  • A guy to hold my hand on the couch
  • a guy to jump in puddles with
  • a guy to bring me flowers.. JUST BECAUSE
  • a guy to go slow on the longboard for me.
  • a guy to tell me I'm wrong with kindness
  • a guy who loves my family
  • a guy to do the dishes 
  • a guy who sometimes lets me dress him
  • a guy to golf with my brothers
  • a guy who likes my music
  • a guy who will wash the high parts of the windows for me
  • a guy who will let me stand on his toes
  • a guy who will sing in the car with me
  • a guy who will leave notes on my windshield

A guy who will dance in the rain under the street light at two in the morning even when we both have to wake up early.

So to "a guy" please work on all those things. We will have many much fun times together.
 Love, you're future girl, Heather
PS Don't propose or even think about getting serious until after the NCLEX. thanks.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

get up everybody and sing.

Firstly.. this kid.. so great.

True friendship is protecting a friend from being spark attacked by the fireworks.

Too bad thats not what is really going on in this picture.

I was just hiding because I didn't wanna get sparked.

He wouldn't care if I did get sparked.


Gooood baby brother there..

Eeeexcccellennnt baby brother quotes?

"My name is chubs.. And i'm gettin baptized."

Mom: We're having a Barbecue tonight..
Chubs: I call Ken!!

"you mess with the Bull, You get the horns!!"

"Wanna Know what sucks? When you're long board breaks
before you get home, so you walk home, and you carry 
your long board AND you're wheel."

Dad: Pick up your (!!!!!!!)
Chubs: Its not my (!!!!!) its heathe's (!!!!!!)

"Doesn't it just suck when King
Leonidas Kicks you in a hole.."

"He's a back.. I'm a forward.. we don't talk"

"I Wuhh Wou"

wuhh you too baby  brotha

nope, you can't borrow:
my car
my iPod
my computer
or five bucks.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Nothin Up My Sleave and No Teasin

You're Welcome

of all the moments we leave behind

Find Joy In The Simple Things In Life

How Does The Fact That:

My mom's PTSD is so bad she closes her eyes when Cameron drives...

...Nanette and I enjoy walking around in two different shoes. One of our one, and one of the others.

Everytime I push the button to cross the street of think of Madi Waters...

...Gus and Bennett are on a mission to try every snow shack this summer

Jordyn tells me about Degrassi like its real life even though I've never seen the show...

...Brinley treats my friends and me like we're the 3 year olds "you girls play here.. I will be right back."

Zach pretends he is Taylor Swift in his profile pictures...

....Nattikins and I are exchanging resumes to make sure we are a good friendship fit.

That Jordyn comes over on sundays to watch Hannah Montana with me...

....I remembered my love of blogging.

Watching N&&N; R&&N, B&&Q, and J&&A-Z completely fulfills any need of dating in my life...

Not make you so happy??

It sure makes me happy :]

Thursday, July 22, 2010

live while i'm alive

Dear life.

Thank you for ....

An adorable big brother who punches holes in my door/provides the
much needed comedic relief in my life.

Letting me attend a super expensive school that sucks my soul away/
lets me see three guys dressed like a chicken, a pig, a cow, chase
each other through the courtyard

A baby brother who breaks my computer when I'm not home/ talks to
me about his big date and asks for adivce

A math class that pushes my self esteem lower than the floor/ introduced
me to the cute baseball boys that make me want to to go school and 
even get into MAWL.

A group of great friends that sometimes won't get out of my house until 
freaking one o clock inthe morning/ make me laugh so hard my abs are
sore the next day.

Life.. I feel good about us.


Baby Girl




Wednesday, July 21, 2010

You've been there you understand

Holy! Matrimony!

Yep. All the rage. 
I swear to you everyone is getting married.
Running Count?
3 Friends = Married
5 Friends = Engaged
2 Friends = Pregnant
2 Friends =  1+ Children

Hi! this is ridiculous! I am becoming the 
of my group of friends and uhm.. I'm 19.



yeah I'm still a [teenager]. I can't handle it.

I mean all the power to everyone
who is already married
and making it work.
But I'm just too immature.
And too poor.
I can't handle it.
Its an odd little thought though.

I just always remember talking about
having to live in the real world,
and now I am realizing that some people
{are living in the real world.}

Some people that I used to have that conversation with.