Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I will do it too, i will that for you

Today I talked to a girl in the testing center line.

For some reason my nerves made me funny.

Had the girl rolling on the floor laughing.

At the end of the conversation she said:

"OMG! You should TOTALLY blog!!"

uh. thanks?

Monday, September 27, 2010

HE ain't got much to say

boy scouts
action figures
eagle scout
pine wood derby

that apple has a stem.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

sitting in a sandpit life is a short trip

for one day 
one day only

I will again be a dancer with the most flexible back and a strong center

I will admit that I am in love with the boy I've always wanted, and I can never have

My family will be whole again, and I won't remember saying goodbye to my dad

I will be comfortable in my skin, and confident in my self.

I will say the thoughts that I bury in the back of my head, and be heard by all.

The family of Four will be separated by only one city, and the smiles will be endless.

My best friend will be healthy, and the center of my strength again.

I will not be scared of losing another one, and feeling that pain.

Friday, September 17, 2010

make the stars look like their not shining

Lessons Learned from Jill

When moving out One should avoid

..  Roommates who are afraid to flush the toilet
because you're apartment will smell like urine
(no offense madi.)

.. Roommates who have an unhealthy obsession
with a city.  Unless you want vinyl eiffel tower 
on your fridge.

.. Roommates who don't enjoy bathing but do
enjoy playing sports.  Enjoy that sweaty 
laundry smell under the bed.

stay tuned next week for segment two of 
lessons learned from jill, 
Reason's one should never date a Zoob.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

happy is the heart that still feels


seeing old ballroom friends in the halls at uvu and having them sit on your lap to talk.

working thursdays with jill and remembering why i hate dating

knowing a new little baby is here ( and one on the way ) and remembering why i want to be a nurse

making the [PERSON] you can't stand you're [GREATEST] motivation and [STRONGEST] driving force

finding a dress that fits you perfect and having it be 75% off because the universe owes you one

hair thats slept on and messy but gets you a compliment from a stranger in the bathroom

massages that reconnect you with a dance friend from over a million years ago and who is cuter than ever

being recognized as a peterson by a cousin's boss because you tend to visit and chat that much

that gus and cookie are one hundred percent fail at the blog challenge and are going to owe me baked goods for weeks (bennett, you can start with white enchiladas, gusy, snickerdoodles sound fabulous)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

all i ever wanted was to see you smiling

Guess what I just made??




Hello. I love pudding.

its fabulous.

and apparently can be so pretty


I want to have a pudding party please.


and make fabulous puddings

like these.

No seriously though,

Pudding Party!

Who's in?

when the moon looks like a toenail

Mom:  My back hurts.

Me:  Mine too.

Mom:  My neck has a pinch in it.

Me:  My back has a bar in it.

Mom:  Fine. You win.

Pretty much.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

if you never say your name out loud to anyone


Hadley Skye came into this world in the exact 
same room that 

Miss Ella Presley Buggy did exactly 382 days ago.


There really is such a thing as a Vanilla Mexican, and I can't
wait to hear from him. 

the sears shoe family is the cutest its been in 
a while and we're all on the same brainwave. 


it takes as little as twenty minutes to start four
new clubs and leave 67 comments on
Francesca's status

Monday, September 13, 2010

this is real so take a chance



quit whining about my lack of blog updates.

I challenge you two to blog.

Everyday this week.



I'll do it if you do it.

Friday, September 3, 2010

threw our shoes into the ocean


I am happy thanks to

A lime   (to be paired with a bunch of nuts)
Giant Scones   (to be shared at swiss days)
Facebook Messages   (to grab a quick update)
Pigeons  (to hear a familiar voice)
Text Messages   (to make a new friend)
Blue Pin Striped hats  (to hide a bad hair day)
A pair of old cheer shoes    (to accompany my new found torture/joy)
Two O' Clock    (to relieve me from green piped ceilings)

Memories are flying because

the music on my ipod comes with a story

swiss days last year meant a new buggy

An unexpected facebook friendd

a pair of pants in my bottom drawer

And I am confused by the boy in front of me wearing checkered jean pants.