Wednesday, October 27, 2010

i change shapes just to hide this place

Meet Cameron.


Cameron is allergic

To Everything

Yep. Pretty much everything.

Everything good at least. 

Lets list a few,




Random Berries

and all other forms of happiness.

oh cool. 
Actually two of my older brothers received a  milk allergy for their twenty first birthday. 
Sucks to be them.
I better not.

Issue? Cameron has taken a recent home made ice cream fetish.
The kid has asked mom to make it almost every night this week. 

Finished off THREE BOWLS the other night.

death wish much?

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I won't let nobody hurt you, won't let no one break your heart

 holy cow. 

so, I've always realized that there was a baby in Kira's stomach.  I mean, there is no way she's just getting fat.  I know that he kicks and moves and squirms around like all babies do.  At least I thought I knew that. But yesterday, I saw him yawn.  On the ultrasound, he yawned.  And it was the cutest little yawn ever. And i don't know why that surprised me so much.  
I guess it never really occurred to me how he really is a little human.  And he stretches, and yawns and sleeps and everything.  Even when he's in Kira's tiny little tummy.  I'm so excited for this little boy.

But seeing that little boy yawn made me remember all over again why I want to be a nurse and be there to take care of little babies like that. 

Dear Ryker

I'm your favorite aunt on your daddy's side.

Unfortunately for you/fortunately for me, you currently have slim pickings in that category.  Seeing how Uncle Clam will probably be single forever, Aunt Taffy is too cool for us now, and chubs is... well you'll see.  

 Luckily, I'm pretty sweet.

I've been waiting for you to come along for a while now.  Everyone loves you. You already have two big sisters who love you a lot, Brinley will be sure to have your back and tells everyone about you, and Presley is working so hard to say your  name.  Your mom and dad are so excited to be having a little boy.  Mom hopes you'll be a mama's boy.  Grammy Roz is already buying you cute clothes, and pulling out your daddy's old things to show you.  Tanden can't wait to have another boy cousin to run around with.  And chubs is just excited for a new baby.  Your mommy's family is very excited to see what boys are like.  You are the first for them.

You are so loved.

I got to watch your ultra sound yesterday. It was hands down the cutest ultra sound I have ever seen.  You yawned. It was adorable.  Then you put your little hand in your mouth.

I cannot wait for you to get here.

Love Aunt Heatherlynn

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

i whip it real hard

Will And Jada have some ballin kids.


ps. she's nine.

next time won't you sing with me

Anna Marie Creps, I saw her yesterday, that child has the best hair.

Bennett needs to freaking get on facebook

Cannot wait for family pictures this weekend

Doing my hair is more fun when its long.

Everyone should just calm down about that one thing


Good cookie dough

Having a hard time grasping pedigree charts right about now

I am stressin about biology

James is in Russia and my life is so much less comedic

Kiss me :)

Learning patience the hard way

Mom should buy me some new jeans. Mine are worked

Nobody fun is on facebook right now

Only one person knows what I meant by singing that song

Pretty sure that person should come over now

Queen roz

Really don't think that person reads my blog now that I think about it

Shane just asked me if I was afraid of the booger man. hahahaha

Today was so long, but i have no idea why

Utica. New york

Very interested to see where some people when end up next year

Wondering where the freak shane is

X. haha nope

You're probably really curious, or annoyed by this point


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

you are the only one that needs to know


I'm scared of my basement if its past 9pm

I put socks on to go to bed just so I can kick them off when I'm under the covers

I like nicole's cookie dough better than her cookies

I get super upset if I miss one tree hill

I love reality TV. Teen mom is my current favorite.

I do choose favorites

I miss my three amigos

I like rainbow chip cake batter better than any other kind

I probably facebook stalk you

Jill, I actually don't speak spanish

I always say I'm five feet tall, i'm not.

"hey hows your back doing?"  "oh its good"  LIE

Monday, October 18, 2010

suppose we never called

Lola and I used to have sleepovers.

just about

No seriously.

We were the best of friends.

Still are. 

There was this one time.

When i was like ten.

We were trying to make carmel popcorn but she didn't have any of the stuff except pop corn.  

So we added Sweet and Condensed Milk, Salt, Milk, and Mint extract. 
We added wayy to much Mint extract.
And then we crushed peppermint patties and put them in too.
It was ridiculously minty.
But we couldn't stop eating it.
We finished all of it.

We were best friends.
Still are.

Friday, October 15, 2010

this is surely not what you thought it would be

"I live somewhere between hope and fear. 
 Hope that this time it will be different, and fear
 that it will turn out like it did before."
---Taylor Swift

I love this quote

 Mostly because it describes my feelings towards dating for the past year and a half perfectly.  So far I have lived closer to fear than I have to hope. I feared letting myself be vulnerable, I feared not being good enough, I feared being let down, I feared getting hurt, and I feared hurting someone else.  But most of all I feared it working out.  I was good at be scared. I liked it.

But given recent events I've started to think,
Maybe its time I start living in hope.
Maybe its time I put the fear of dating, and the fear of love behind me.  Maybe its time I start saying [YES] to [DATES].  Maybe its time I stop being afraid of meaning something to someone, and having someone mean something to me

Maybe its time to FAll in loVE.

123rd Fear Street. 
Its a fabulous residence.

Friday, October 8, 2010

look at me here i go


Who wants to buy me this...

this freaking too


oh hi, and you MUST buy me this

and i really really really want this

and this is would be so cute on me

and i just need this

every girl needs a black dress, and i need this one

I have a love obsession with vests, so i need this

this color is heather grey... hello, i'm heather.
i need it

I really want this!! I'll share

This is sooo cute. buy it for me??

and for all those people who say i need more color
you can buy me this

soooo who's gonna pay?

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

i got a lot to say to you

I'm real confused.

You see UCCU is the official bank of UVU

They even bought the 
Naming rights to the event center.

UCCU has been my bank my whole life.

Live right down the street from it.

UCCU issues Visa Credit and Debit cards.

So riddle me this

Why doesn't UVU accept

Visa credit or debit cards for

tuition or fee payments??

I'm puzzled.

but i keep on waiting, anticipating

Sometimes I want to be in Love

Then I realize

I just want a boy who will call me a lot. 

So I can set his Ringtone 


He Could Be The One 


Hannah Montana

thats not too much to ask is it?

So... any volunteers?

Or I would settle for him


Monday, October 4, 2010

and I'm so glad you've rectified my mind

chyeah bro.

Rock On.

Rad Dude.

Sweet Brah.

Yes I do say these things on a daily/hourly basis.
No I don't care you think its weird.
Yes it does make me cooler than you.
No you can't start saying them.