Tuesday, November 30, 2010

lady of the lamp. crazy beautiful..

Props to you if you can figure it out. :)

love. LOVE. LOVE.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

smiling next to oprah and the queen

I'll admit it.

I don't grocery shop.

I live at home, and leave most (all) of the food buying to my mommy.

However, I do love the idea of coupon shopping.

Savvy Shopper and Coupon Girl fascinate me.
I am constantly stalking SavvyShopper and MomsWhoSave.

I love it.

I don't understand it.

But I dooo love it.

I will strive to understand it though.  

Especially when The Queen Bee cuts me off.

(hopefully that doesn't come until after the NCLEX or at least the LPN)

but, even now, I do love a good deal.

I get so excited when I find a bargain.

For instance, who likes crackers?

oh. [HEATHERLYNN] does.

So you can imagine my excitement when I found a Wheat Thins sale

Three for five dollars!!

thats right friends.

Three Nabisco brand crackers for Five doll hairs.

if you don't buy crackers often,
let me shed some light on this for you.

Thats basically 
Buy one and a half

get one and a half 


thats freaking awesome

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I'll sail the world to find you

Meet Bean.


Bean is quite possibly one of the top five most [AWKWARD] people.


And i love her sooo much for it.

There are so many reason's to love bean.
Lets talk about them.

1. "I eat like a man."

2. "my ovaries are drying up!!"

3. "Did you know heather's getting married?"

4.  B: You're such a cute little beaver.
S: Groundhog, I'm a groundhog.

5. She speaks spanish...
ALMOST as good as meee

6. "get a big slurpee."

7. we get kicked out of her apartment during sleepovers

8. "awww I like it when you call me boo."

9. she likes them nice and crazy.

10. She's creepy like me:)

11.  sometimes she runs out of gas/food/money at four in
the morning. oops.

12. we're both against the harlot
13. catfish.
she experienced it with me

14. "we don't want your beans and rice."

15. "bean loves you"
almost every night

16. she stayed at my house until three in the morning 
and then decided to go curl her hair.

17. slurpee runs.

18. "i'm a really really really.... BAD dancer."

19. B: You need to look cute and I 
already know what your'e going to wear.
S: okay??
B: the outfit in profile picture number seven.
S: oh okay!

20. She's the best little bean/boo ever.

come play with us. 

You'll love us.

(marry her.)



Tuesday, November 2, 2010

we're not alone now I need something to sing about

I have always been jealous of Brett and Cameron's ability to meet someone for the first time, and talk to them like they had been friends for years.

Those two boys make friends everywhere they go.  I swear, Brett can walk into the gas station and simply pay for his gas and walk out with the cashier's life story.  Brett has a way of making everyone feel special.

Cameron is the same way.  Put Cam in any awkward social situation and he'll make everyone have a good time.  He has a way of easing the tension in the room and make everyone feel comfortable.  He also tends to crack people up.

I was always envious that I didn't have the same great people skills as my brothers who seemed to have friends flocking to them.  I never saw myself as having anything like that.

The other day I was talking to an OLD friend who I haven't seen in YEARS. Literally. We sat and talked for what seemed like hours and at the end of the conversation she told me that I was a good Pickup friend. Uhhh what?? I was almost offended before she explained herself.  She told me that it doesn't matter how long its been since we've last talked or seen each other, as soon as we bump into one another again we can sit and talk like we have seen each other everyday of our entire lives. There is never awkward moments.

Oh yeah. I can kind of do that.

I have tons of friends that I never see anymore.  Its not like anything has happened between us.  We aren't angry with one another or have even grown apart for that matter, we just haven't stayed in good touch.  But when we run into each other or make a lunch date, we can pick up like we never left off and talk and talk and be the friends that we were when we saw each other every day.

I guess that is kind of a good quality

Go me.