Wednesday, December 15, 2010

happiness hit her like a train on a track

I am so glad.

that i have a wonderful new job that will further me long term

that shalynn is now a healthy normal teenager

that kira did not get super fat, go ape shiz, and become a baby snatcher

that ryker is finally coming into this world

that tanden and i are closer than i ever thought we would be

that shane is in a safe environment 

that i annie will let me cry when needed then tell me she's watched the grinch 8 times

that madison is coming home before going to new york

that nicole and zach are still (and always will be) a beautiful partnership

that i have zach (attack. not zaci)

that bennett and i love sushi

that jordyn calls at minimum three times a week

that finals are coming to a close

that bean has food in her tummy and gas in her car

that bean can sing

that gus lived through finals

that judy will send me grinch imitations

that treesa is finally starting to fall in love with blogging

that jameson used to be jake

that bailey blogs

that jayson and i enjoy DI

that i have a minnie mouse watch

that baileykins is going to chile

that e'lyse is still in spanish fork

that bean will be in the hood most of break

that my car runs

that jayson no longer hates me

that i speak spanish

that i see the temple from my house

that my family supports me

that ihc will pay for my school

that i have no debt

that i understand christmas

that i know stress, and can cope.

that i rock a mustache.