Sunday, January 30, 2011

i think the hardest times are finally going to pass us

Remember this?

For all you haters out there.

 Somethings had to be resolved before I could really post about my favorite couple.

Ladies and Gentlemen
I present to you, the cutest little critters out there.


She: is from p.town.  Born and bred.  Ballet dancer, Concert Pianist, Ballroom Dancer.  Changes her major 1.8 times a year.  She's just a little baby looking to enjoy her college years, and found love in the most unexpected of places.

 He: is from Seattle Washington.  Full scholarship recipient for ballroom dance.  Thats all I really know about him.  Except  that he was baptized recently, had an undiagnosed hospital stay, and he's just adorable.  Had no idea what he was getting into this semester but as it turns out he' basically perfect for her.

Them:  Dance for BYU Back up Tour.  Both turn nineteen this year.  Started hanging out approximately three weeks ago.  (actually, I totally told her to dance with him at Michael Johnson's rounds a few months back when they were both partnerless.  Basically I started their relationship. You're welcome guys.)  Are just the cutest together.  Aren't actually dating, but make believe dating.

And they're just so cute.

My vote is Date.  But My vote doesn't matter

And they seem to be working out well in their current situation.

go them.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

to anybody else right now


All of my friends have Boys

Or New York

Leaving a very lonely baby girl.

But I'm actually so fine with it.  I love seeing all of my friends so happy.  And lets be real.  They all just have darling boys.  And they are such cute couples. Straight up adorable. Like they should have movies about their romance stories.  Because its just so cute!

And as much as I love a good romance story,  I have never felt the need to be the leading roll.  I'm perfectly content in my life currently.  Everyone has started teasing me about "singles awareness day" thats coming up, and guess what. I'm aware I'm single, and I don't feel a tad bit sad about it. Its a great life. :)  I have way too many things to do right now to stress about a boy.  

However. I do have a million good date ideas.  Sooooo come to me, and I'll plan your date:) then go to her and she'll plan your wedding. Perf!

ps. my favorite cute couple is getting a blog post soon. stay tuned to find out who.

your lips look so lonely would the like to meet mine?

dear husband.

Don't get it twisted.  I don't want ANYTHING to do with you yet.  But while they are fresh in my mind, there are a few things you should probably know.

You'll probably (definitely) hate my music.  But its not going anywhere, so just accept it and move on.
I also listen to it in the car. Real real real loud.
And I dance to it. All the time.
And I'll change the song, literally until I am in the driveway. Its worth it.
Bennett. Get used to the idea. We're a package set.
When I'm home alone, Fabio and I talk. A lot.  Sometimes we talk when I think I'm alone and I'm really not. Ooops.
Dusty will be sleeping in our bed every once in a while. You don't like it, you can sleep on the couch.
I wear socks to bed every night.  I kick the socks off my feet every night.  They'll pile up at the bottom of the bed until I run out of clean socks. Then I will fish them out and start the cycle all over again.
Annie is going to sleep over. And we'll probably eat a lot during that time.  Don't fret. Its healthy.
sometimes, I'll get called Pocket Rocket.  Its really best if you didn't ask questions.
I check my bank account all the time. So right after we say goodnight, expect me to go double check the account before I close my eyes and go to bed.

Well Husband, still want me?  These are things that most likely won't change. I'm a handful, I know.  Oh, and there are probably lots more to come. stay tuned.

Heatherlynn Cae Peterson-[insert your last name here]

Monday, January 17, 2011

did the sun just come out or did you smile at me?

I love it. 

Today felt like spring.

a very cold spring

but spring none the less.

I've got to say i love autumn and spring.
and I love the word Autumn. 

its something about the air.

and the sidewalks

Even though today wasn't really spring

the same thing was in the air.

I was driving through old provo today

 full of cute houses

and awkward byu students.

It was a perfect day for something great.

And I saw it.  

And I fell in love.

There was a couple riding a tandem bike. 

Robin's Egg Blue with a Big White Basket on the front.

How adorable right?

It gets better :)

they were holding hands.

The guy had his arm stretched back. and the girl had her little arm stretched forward.

And they were holding hands.

probably only for a second.

or maybe they were passing something to each other.

But it was still the cutest thing ever.

seriously adorable.

and it made my heart go pitter patter. 

Oh how I loved it. 

Who doesn't see a tandem bike and think of love?

(i think of love/ britania freeze. No big deal)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

i was in your shoes i would probably hate on me too

To my haters : 

don't hate on my mini mouse watch, because i'm going to be a nurse one day, and who doesn't love disney.

don't hate on my miley cyrus t- shirt because, girl's got more money than you ever will.

don't hate on my spiderman water bottle, because he is the best super hero. (does batman even have a power?)

don't hate on my ring because it serves as a good place holder.

don't hate on my baby feet because at least they don't look like flippers.

don't hate on my stalking abilities because you're just upset i wasn't impressed by you

don't hate on my university of choice, because it is just that, my choice.

don't hate on my friends because they're cooler than yours.

don't hate on my bracelet because the girl that gave it to me will beat you.

don't hate on the bar in my back, because i know you're jealous you can't set off metal detectors.

don't hate on my height because dynamite comes in small packages

don't hate on the music i listen to because i guarantee somewhere i on my iPod, there is a song you absolutely love.

Don't hate on my name, its spelling, or the shorten versions of it, because it works for me. 


Don't hate.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

be loved for real

Love her.

Love this.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

on the radio, stereo, the way you move ain't fair you know

Dear Molly Miller.

I have a fear that you have too much time on your hands.

So I've made a to do list for you :)

1. identify why the post title is what it is. (hahahahahahahahahahaha)

2. go back to school. and take classes with me :)

3. update your blog

4. clean your room

5. text me so we can go to lunch

6. pick ONE boy

7. lets move to france

8. get a new job (assuming you haven't already)

9. reactivate your facebook. i hate you for deleting it sometimes

10. lil gooch.

Love lynna

Saturday, January 8, 2011

i took a good long hard look

i wrote a post.

you know, one of these and those posts.

But I only got to June.

and it was just so boring.

I even made a disclaimer.

to let everyone know.

that it'd just be so boring.

But it was a crime.

to post something so boring.

(I'm writing in fragments. Incomplete sentences. I should stop stalking her blog so much.)

So I decided I should only post the highlights of chwenty ten.

Not every month of events.

in no specific order

  • Peace out c.baby, dougie fresh, and steve-o.
  • welcome home steve-o.
  • peace out slut.
  • peace out judy.
  • eclipse with brett.
  • no more depends.
  • nationals BGBZ
  • nicole's first byzoo concert
  • enter jayson sevision
  • doughnuts to get molly to class
  • turned nineteen
  • spark with "friends" (chad, dez, jord)
  • shane's first hospital stay.
  • shane moved in.
  • met toddy
  • shane's second hospital stay.
  • started at sears again.
  • met bean.
  • cam punched a hole through my door.
  • passenger seat turned pink
  • Vegas.
  • hikes with bgbz, and ian.
  • met jessica
  • kira getting pregnant with ryker
  • st geezey.
  • mallory's room was clean
  • aquarium
  • was attacked by bears. (basically)
  • treesa and bailey lunches
  • best job ever.
  • annika got a phone

twenty ten was good to me.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

and i never had this taste in the past

Happpy new year kids.

2010 was beautiful.

2011 will be good to me.

Dear  Ryker,
come soon.

Dear 02.02.11. 
You're close.

Dear Jayson.

Dear Bean.
Lets party

Dear You.

Dear Shane.
come home.

Dear mali.

Dear Annie.
i miss you.

Dear Madi.
Text me more.

Dear Slut. 
write me back.

Dear 2nd.
Love me.

Dear Zigs.

Dear B&A.

Resolutions to come.

Stay tuned people.