Monday, February 28, 2011

cause the afternoons already come and gone

My Best Friend is so legit. 

SO. Legit.

please go and be in awe at the video she made.

my little new yorker is all grown up.

this thing could be a freaking commercial!

Want her to film your wedding?? 

too bad. she's in new york.

 But seriously, you're missing out.

(ps madi remember when you agreed to do annie and my wedding whenever that day shall come?  yeah we were in the kitchen at annie's house. lilly can be our witness. just making sure you still remember.)

Friday, February 18, 2011

i'll never let go never say goodbye

There are a lot of reasons I love bean.

This is one of them.


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

take a bite of my heart tonight

there has been a bit of a misunderstanding.

I love all of the new couples. I really really do.  I feel its time to talk about my other favorite couple.

J Squared.

Josh and Jill met under the hardest of circumstances.  Living life in the hood is a scary thing.  Everyday there is a new danger, whether it be bitter ex's, crazy (messy) roommates, or having to do laundry in the basement.  These two were just striving to live normal lives, neither of them expected love to hit.

Bean: Was just a busy little girl, fully supporting herself and her shopping habit.  Whooing all of the spanish speaking RM's at BYU by day, stalking guy's she went on one date with by night, all while trying to dodge not one but TWO crazy ex boyfriends.  (Luckily she found a little marmota to help her get though it all.)  She had nearly given up on love and sat back to wait for her ovaries to dry up, when she noticed Josh in FHE group. (that she set up.)

Joshy: Just a mexi nugget fresh from Russia.  Moved to the hood from his home of Colorado for some school time at the Y.  He kept himself busy working on his beautiful body, hanging out at the creamery in the wee hours of the morning, and prowling young girls to take to Sushi.  Life through him a twist and turn when he was forced into a brace for his hurt leg.  His spirits were down and didn't see what was coming when he was placed in what would prove to be the greatest FHE family ever.

It took a while for these crazy kids to finally commit.
But they're so official now.

I'm hoping for an august wedding.
And they will have the most beautiful babies.

How could you not love them??

I know a little guy who absolutely adores both of them.  He might just love them more than I do. 
They will always be his number one couple.

And lets face it, If they are his favorite couple.
They really should be everyones. 

PS. Eventually I'll start posting about my life again.  But as for now, everyone else's is just so much more interesting.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tonight I saw that I have a very bright future.

Hello Washington.

 I'll finish up my (by finish up I mean apply, get accepted, and complete) my nursing program here.  After working for a few years and saving up some serious Scrilla, I'm off to Seattle for PA school at the University of Washington.

Oh look!!! Guess who I happened to run into??

Ohp! Oddly enough, these two crazy kids are living it up in Seattle while HE attends medical school.  Hmm. Weird how that worked out.  
SHE is working full time as a successful [blankety.blankety.she.keeps.changing.her.major] to support THEM 

Before we know it we're both spending countless hours working (me working as a nurse, him trudging through clinical rotations) here

Oh you know, just chillin at (fictional) Seattle Grace Hospital. 
NBD right?

But don't fret I'm keeping a close eye on McYummy for my little Bennett. No skanky interns for him.

You may think I'd start getting lonely, always tagging along, being the third wheel to THEM. But don't you worry, because just towards the end of my program, fate finally stepped in.

While This Guy was filming a little movie in Forks, Washington, he decided to do a little sight seeing.
He took a drive to Seattle to ride some ferry boats, when the unthinkable happened.  A car accident.
(no worries, neither his face nor body were scarred during said accident)

They rushed T. Lautner to (once again, fictional) Seattle Grace Hospital where the Best of the best was needed to take care of him. (me). 
When he woke up from his near death experience he laid eyes on his future (me, duh.).

Soon enough McYummy and baby girl finished up some schooling, residencies, and clinical work and were fully fledged and licensed. 

These two made frequent visits to Seattle from Colorado
and Aunt Heather and Aunt Koko took care of the Mexican Babies while mommy and daddy are out on assignment.

Once again, its a bright future we have in front of us.