Sunday, March 6, 2011

and a place in my heart will always be yours

Every time I see a daddy in the nursery with his new baby it absolutely melts my heart.

I love it.

And every time I watch the new daddy smile as their baby wiggles around on the bed, or see their eyes lock on the beautiful new baby, I sit and imagine my husband staring at our new baby with big grin on his face.

And I love it. 

And then I realize that I'm imagining my future husband.  And it weirds me out.  Because who knew I wanted to marry him.

He's just so dang attractive.  

Oh well, he doesn't come into the picture for another five years so I'm not stressed.  
And for that matter I don't think I will end up marrying him. 

But whatevs. It still is the best part of my job. And thats saying something, because I love my job.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

everyday i bring the sun around


I know my love of 

This guy

gives me a little case of 

Bieber Fever. 

But those of you who really know me. 
And have known me well, for a while.

And by a while, I mean like 6 years.

Like good old seventh grade Lynna.

Then you know that I've had a secret obsession

with him.

Skaters are just secretly so attractive.

Especially my little ryry. 

seriously. Obsessed.

Can't get him out of my head these days.

So does that give me, like, 

Sheckler Shingles? 


But worth it.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

don't you ever grow up, just stay that little

Adorable right?

Wanna know what would make it even cuter?

A little nephew/son/brother right in the middle.

Dear Ryker, 

Here are some things I feel should be brought to your attention.  
1. Aunt heatherlynn loves you and is ready for you to get here. NOW.
2. You have a very tiny mama, and you're getting kind of large. Play nice please.
3. You have two older sisters who aren't the most patient kids out there. They would like to meet you.
4. Aunt Dani didn't even go to the Joshua Radin concert. While I appreciate you working so hard to follow instructions, you could have come whenever you pleased.
5. Wanna know what a good early birthday present for your mama would be? You. Early though. no need to put her through labor on her birthday.  
6. If you get any bigger none of the cute clothes we got you will fit. 
7. The balloons are still afloat from your baby shower, I think they are waiting for you.  And dusty likes to play with them when they start dying down a little.  Think of poor dust.
8. My math scores aren't going to get any if every time I take a test all I can think about is "if kira goes into labor right now I won't be able to know because of the stupid no electronics rule"
9.  I play with little babies all night long.  You would think this would tide me over. Nope. I need a little Peterson baby.
10. LGA = Q4 vitals with Q12 BP.  That doesn't leave a lot of down time for sleep and boob time.

Just thought you should know.
but no pressure.
xoxo, Aunt Heatherlynn