Wednesday, May 25, 2011

we are the world, we are the children

I am a huge advocate for supporting the youth.
I believe if kids show an interest in doing something useful with their lives, we need to give them the tools they need to succeed in that particular area.
I think we should give telescopes to future astronauts.
We should give stethoscopes to future doctors.
Let the future lawyers watch SVU.
Supply tinker toys to future engineers. 

And of course, easy bake ovens to future chefs.

hahahaha nahhh.
This is how the story goes. 
At about christmas time Jensen decided she wanted an easy bake oven, then come february she still really wanted an easy bake oven, so she asked for one for her birthday. Me, being the awesome best friend I am decided I would get her one. Even though our dear friends thought it was silly, and there were some doubts about the situation, I FINALLY made good on my promise, and bought the girl a danged easy bake oven.

Will Jordyn become a culinary master mind? nahhh. Will she probably get bored with her favorite new toy in about two weeks. yeahh. But. It was all worth it to see the look on her face. 

i seeee you

 She's just so happy. All of the third graders will be so jealous.

Monday, May 23, 2011

thirty seven heif.

Turns out I grew up this weekend.
I turned twenty. 
(twenteen sounds more like it though.)

I can say that this has been the greatest birthday in quite sometime.
I figured go big or go home now that I'm a teen no more.

Friday night started the parties.

The AF mom/baby girls took me out to Olive Garden to Celebrate.

I loooove my crazy old ladies.

Then Saturday morning I dragged Mali out of bed Bright and Early to run a 5k with me.
She was a real trooper. 
But you know that my dear cousin isn't so much of a morning person when she can't even figure out how to put the timing chip on her shoe.
whatever. Life is harder for some than others.

I love my cousin. 

I know its shocking that mallory and I look that amazing after running 3.1 miles. I mean, we ran. It was a hard run too. We even had to stretch in before hand. 

Next up was Lunchtime with all my favorites. 
People and food.
Jayson, didn't actually make the cake. He just likes to creep in pictures.

After the lunch bunch left we made our long lost friend Jayson journey to the great Park City with bennett and I.  Park City was decided on after I made the wrong choices of what my birthday activity should be two or three times. Don't worry though. jayson and bennett were sure to correct me. I thought i wanted to do other things, but they  made sure I got to do what I reaaaally wanted to do. Its all good. I'm glad I have such great friends.

Listen friends, I know I'm really tall and all, but Jayson is just a wee bit taller. 
massiver. no big deal.

Jayson's a great sport and all. But it was kind of a bummer, because even though we hung out most all day he didn't even say happy birthday to me. I mean, I don't try to be super self absorbed but.. it was my birthday.  I feel like the least he could of done is said a quick happy birthday at any point of the Five hours we were together. Whatever. I guess not even the birthday girl can get all she wants. Its fine.

Seriously right after getting home from Park City I had to run to Beautiful Ellie's wedding.  She looked absolutely gorgeous and I could not be happier for her.

Sunday we finished off with all of the family over for cupcakes and ice cream.
Yep. I made all my own cupcakes. And my birthday dinner. but it was totally worth it to see Pete and Bert go nuts over Elmo and Cookie Monster.

Peace out teenage years. It was real, but you also made some real bad decisions.  You better believe that my twenties will be a lot better. Starting fresh, and making big changes.
stay tuned stalkers. 

Thursday, May 19, 2011

everybody knows what, what i'm talkin about

Its My best friend's Birthday.
But she's in new york.
Busy becoming a famous photographer.

So in honor of her birthday, we bought a cupcake.


Cocoa Bean:) 

And then she couldn't resist stopping by for a visit :)

My mom was so glad to see two of her three daughters.
(Annie's the third)

Who wouldn't love that face?

Happy Birthday Madi.

(why yes, yes we did tape your face to the back of a butter knife. is that weird?)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

good to go got my foot on the gas

Yesterday was golden.

I was super productive all day.
I saw a ton of my favorite people. 

Started the day off with a bang. 
No seriously. Started off the day by Lunch with 


That girl is a firecracker.  I love that whenever we see each other her mouth goes a mile a minute.  We planned lunch literally that morning, because I wanted to hear about her boo.  We went to Zupa's and once we sat down, we did not move for two hours. Other than Mal's constant fidgeting.  Best part?

Mal's stories get a little hairy.  Its always best to use visual aids.

I love that girl for her memory. And the way she tells stories.

Then Nordy's with Tim, Francesca, and Bennett. 

(can i please just take a time out to tell you how much I love tim? I LOVE TIM. Super)

then francesca and i took care of some last minute wedding stuff. nuff said.

Oh. And for the grand finale?
Of Course Bennett and i had to continue to creep in poor innocent Alex Trotter.
Lets be real? Why are we so cool?

cool/creepy. NBD.
We took the kid A cake. 
To a golf course.
in Spanish Fork.

And Probs scared his little brother for life. 

We're his new best friends. 
And we'll make special guest appearances at his Farewell. 

Creepin :)

Then benney boo and I went and picked up her new baby. 

We'll have a naming ceremony soon.

You're all invited. 
We'll follow by a chip and dip party. Get stoked.

We're deciding on pictures to blow up for the ceremony?
Votes for this one anyone?