Monday, August 15, 2011

anything but loud and nitty gritty

You can tell what your friends really think of you, by the men they set you up with.

Pshhht. Obviously my friends don't love me that much because Girl is still single. :)

In other news:

1 Day until Shaners Birthday.

2 weeks until School starts.

3 Months until my first wedding.

4 Shoots I've dragged the assistant to this week
two of them up the canyon. good sport gusy.

5 Missionaries to write.

6 months until my best friend gets home.

7 hours until I have to wake up.

8 months until something so fresh shows up.

9 outfits added to the wish list :/
(wish i didn't have so many bills so i could look cute list)

10 years since I've seen bean. :(
slight exaggeration. 17 days though.