Monday, December 26, 2011

it doesn't hurt if everybody knows my name tonight

 Want to know whats so frustrating??

I just keep having dreams

That all of these guys are home

And then I wake up.

And they aren't.

And it makes me soooo mad!!!
Because it always takes me a few minutes to figure out if they really are home or not.
And then I'm bummed out.
Because I miss them.
And I want them to be home.

But want to know what is so great?
Collin comes home February 8 2012

Doug comes home April 16 2012

James comes home August 2012

Cass comes home June 20 2012. 

I. Am. So. Excited.

Thats six weeks until  the first one comes home.
thats only 2 more fast sundays!

And then they all are so close after that!! 

so stoked.

so so so so so stoked.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Doesn't it look like a beautiful night? All the kiddos sleeping snugly in bed, the house quiet and to myself. And end the evening with a nice big cup of hot chocolate. :)

HA! Yeah right. This kids are FINALLY in bed a solid 2 hours past their bedtimes. And for the sake of honesty, Bert isn't even in bed. She's on the couch. There was a point in the evening that I locked myself in the kitchen. My nieces and nephews are awesome! But they are in no way light weights.

I'm never having children. The hot chocolate was nice though.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

lights fill the streets spreading so much cheer.

I don't know if you knew or not, its not a secret or anything but apparently some people just don't know; but I don't have a husband.

I don't even have a boyfriend.

I don't even have someone that is like almost a boyfriend.

I don't even have someone that I'm like texting all the time.

Lets be real, I don't even have someone that I'm interested in.

Shocker. I know.

However. If I did have a husband.
a boyfriend,
an almost boyfriend,
a boy that i was texting all of the time,
or even someone I was interested in,

I would totally be doing the 12 dates of christmas.
I have seen about a bazillion people doing it.
And its darling
just darling.

And I even know what my 12 dates would be.

Fine I'll tell you.

On the first date of christmas: We'd decorate a christmas tree. I mean full on decorate. And sip hot chocolate while listening to this:

On the second date of christmas: We'd make soup and watch the grinch. The cartoon and the jim carry version. We'd probably make Annie find a date and come too.

On the third date of christmas: We'd decorate gingerbread houses. Each decorate our own, and make Brinley judge them.  I'd definitely win.

On the fourth date of Christmas: We'd be productive, and get together to wrap presents. Just him and I, chatting and wrapping gifts for friends and families. Drinking wassail the whole time.

On the fifth date of christmas: We'd go eat somewhere in the riverwoods. Afterwards we'd enjoy the outdoor fires and walk around looking at the lights.  And possibly taking stupid pictures with the bear outside of Rocky Mountain Chocolate factory.

On the sixth date of christmas: We'd stay home, light a fire, and watch White Christmas in our sweats.  Drinking hot chocolate and eating popcorn.

On the seventh date of christmas: I'd make him drive me up to Salt Lake, and we'd check out the lights at temple square and the lights at the Zoo. Then We'd head to the Pie to defrost and stuff ourself with way too much pizza.

On the eight date of christmas:  We'd lay on the couch enjoying homemade cinnamon rolls and each others company. And quite possibly Charlie Brown Christmas.

On the ninth date of christmas:  I would drag him sledding.  And in the likely event that there was no snow, I'd make him go ice blocking with me.
Because thats awesome.

On the tenth date of christmas:  We would decorate sugar cookies. There would be tons of sprinkles and frosting involved. It would probably get messy. And at the end of the night we'd leave them on neighbors porches and run away.

On the eleventh date of christmas: We'd go listen to the lights in orem.  He would be kind enough to way in the hour long line to get into the neighborhood. And then nice enough to act like it was the coolest thing he'd ever seen. Because it is.

And finally, on the twelfth date of christmas: We'd go to my family Christmas Eve party, and he would love the matching hooded onesie I got him to wear.

And it would be the greatest december ever!
but alas.
I'm single.


There is just one thing I need

Tis the season!!

I love the holidays. I just do.
And I don't just love Christmas and thanksgiving.
I love every holiday.
Sometimes I even make up holidays.

Like chubs appreciation day

Or be nice to Cassidy Day.

But I super duper love the big holidays. From about November 1st to January 2nd I mean.

Everything is a little better around November and December.

True story.

This Holiday season I decided to milk it for all it's worth. I am celebrating every holiday I can google.

And I think you should all join me.

Because its awesome.


Now who is going to make a gingerbread house with me, take me to see the lights, and go sledding with me?

Monday, December 12, 2011

because we found love.

I admit it. I'm addicted to pinterest. But not as bad as some people.


I love quotes.  
I really am one of those dorks that could spend a whole day searching for that one amazing quote.
Then I will post it all over my door. 
or all over my wall.
or scribble it in notebooks
on homework assignments
on the back of my brain
across napkins at restaurants
and on other people's whiteboards 
for weeks on end. Or until I find a new quote. 

Lately this has been my quote of obsession.

I sometimes stumble over my words. I don't get my point across verbally as I would like to.
I would hope that even if I'm not the best at TELLING you how much I care, I am the best at SHOWING you. I hope that even if I'm not the best at Telling someone what I think is right and wrong, I am the best at showing them by leading by example.

And most of all, I hope that when I do tell someone "I love you", "I'm here for you", "I want to help" that my actions reflect that, and not argue that.