Wednesday, November 28, 2012

to do the thing we never had

So I missed the whole "be thankful" for November thing.
Its okay! You're not even mad about it. I promise, you still love me and you still love to read my blog.

Anyway, if I HAD done the "thankful November" thing, I most definitely would have included how THANKFUL I am for my friends. Especially my Best Friends.

Which brings me to this sweet kid.
Meet Collin.

Col is what I like to refer to as my Bestie with Testies (his words, not mine (but you gotta admit, its clever.))  And he really is the best.  Thats the only way I can think to describe him. The best. Collin and I met waaaaaaaay back in our teeny bopper high school days.  I thought he was like totes the hottest. He though I was like totes the shortest. Turns out we were both right. I mean, really? Look at him. He's darling.  
Anyway, Collin and I managed to stay friends through High School and then became even better friends after we graduated.  Then when our boy here was forced to flee the country and hide out in Mexico for 2 years, (haaaa, jokes, he was on his mission kids, and he was a killlllllller missionary fyi) I somehow got stuck with the role of Elder Bell's secretary, sending him letters every week and tossing in the occasional package to show I cared.  And then when the teeny tiny near mexican finaaaaally came home, we stayed friends.  The best of as a matter of fact.  And we still are.  The BFF's.  And he puts up with me. A lot. sometimes even when he shouldn't.  I told him that I am pretty sure I was put in his life to show him what it would be like to have a sister (this boy only  has one Big brother. And I mean it when I say BIG.)
Anyway, just like in any brother/sister or BFF relationship, we fight sometimes. Usually because we are both super stubborn and neither of us ever want to be the one to give in.  But in the end we always make up, and then we're right back to being the cutest bff twinners ever.  And sometimes, after we fight, and I'm super bummed, because I haaaaaaate fighting with him he does really nice things. Like this.  
You didn't believe me when I said he was the best huh? Well he is. He's just the very best.  And I'm really really really really really glad he's my bestie with testies. Because my life would be really boring without him. 

and rememebr how he is totes the hottest?

Yeah, well strangely enough, he is also totes the singlest. 
So if any of you darling little ladies want a piece of some delicious Collin Cake, let me know and I'll put in a good word for you.  Really, I got your back.  And he is the beeeeest date. You won't regret a night of gazing deeply into those baby blues. I promise.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

I'll keep you my dirty little secret

As you get older, you begin to realize that things that were a huge deal at the time, really aren't a big deal now.  Sometimes, things just need time for it to all calm down.  Every now and again my brothers and I sit around and have a "tell all confession session" with my mom about things that we did, or that happened when we were younger.  The stories go from accidentally hitting cars into fences on dad's old lot, to being heartbroken and devastated over being last pick for ice cream, to getting in trouble at school for something you didn't do.  The other day one of these conversations happened to arise and I confessed to my mom that I used to lie about how long it took me to read books.  She would buy me a new book on a tuesday morning, and I would have it finished by tuesday night around 10.  I used to lay awake in bed at night and read "just one more chapter" until the early hours of the morning.  I could never get enough of these stories, and I fell in love with the characters like they were my friends and family.  I always had to lie to my mom about how long it took me to read the book for fear that she would be upset at spending 17 or more dollars on just a one day activity.  I craved books, and new adventures like sugary candy to a child on halloween.  And I'm the type that can fall in love with a story again and again.  I would end up rereading the same book two or three times in a week just trying to wait it out before I could ask my mom for a new novel. I had books stuffed in every nook and cranny in my room; under my bed, at the bottom of my vanity drawers, and on the top shelf of my closets before my mom finally gave in and bought me a big new book case.  And now every time she walks in my room she laughs at the bowing shelves that are still much to overstuffed with books I refuse to part with.   When I confessed my fibbing about how long it took me to finish books to my mom she laughed.  Why would she ever be upset with me for reading?  I'll never know what I was thinking.  All i know is every now and again I still find myself sneaking around, staying up late, and cramming through books I can't put down.  If i were smart, I'd buy a library card.

oh and because I really don't find any blog post to be complete with out mentioning my favorite humans, I will inform you that I am also absolutely thrilled that the tinies in my life also love to read.

Look at Pete cross her legs like a lady. I'm dying. I love her. And she loves books.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

photo booth gems

I know I talk about my nieces and nephews a lot. 

But for real. 

They are amazingly cool.  So just endure through yet another post about Brinley. You won't be disappointed. 

In the front room of my mom's house sits her huge nifty iMac computer.  At family gatherings there is almost always a battle between the grandchildren about who gets to play on this large shiny toy.  Then after everyone has gone home, we tend to find little surprises around the computer. My personal favorite is when one of the older kids leave themselves signed on to facebook for us to play with.  But there is also usually barbie dolls that have been dressed, Justin Bieber music videos on multiple tabs, and if we're lucky, a few photo booth gems.

Can you blame her? She was lookin good.

Monday, October 22, 2012

don't want to meet your mama

I hate mondays.

 I have to go fail a History test now. 

just in case you hate mondays too, take a moment to turn your day around and enjoy this tiny gem.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

We accept the love we think we deserve.

Location:Blue or gray today

Friday, September 28, 2012

me and my boo, and my boo boo riding

Guess what? its
iPhone iFun iFriday
I know you've been desperately waiting all week to get another glimpse into the amazing world of my iPhone.  Well wait no more! Its here.
 And its full of juicy text messagey screen shots.
 mmmm delicious.

 I seriously absolutely love that you can take a picture of whatever's on your screen with an iPhone.  Its the greatest thing ever. And it sounds dumb, but I use it literally everyday. Its the greatest. Especially when you're wanting to hold on to a text message moment forever. Like this:

This first piece of greatness I have edited the name out in order to protect this guy (with a girls name) dating future:
Yep.  That really happened. He's an RM mind you.  A full grown man! who spent his saturday morning watching a little kid's cartoon. Oh! and not just morning. He watched a full marathon of it. We're barely friends. (jk i love him)

Okay to fully enjoy and appreciate these next two you need a little background.  First of all go here and watch the whole thing.  Welcome back, i know, you now feel like your life is about to be changed.  It is. Seriously go buy the DVD of the full concert on amazon. IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE. It changed madi and I's.  Thats for dang sure.  We may be a tiny bit obsessed with Beyonce. Just a tiny bit though.  And we feel that its our duty to share the greatness of her 2009 live concert at the Wynn with everyone we know. Oddly enough, not everyone that we have shared this greatness with has enjoyed it like we did. And still do.  Mostly Collin didn't love it. 

Okay, now we can dive into these.
You're shocked, I know.  And I'll have you know that we didn't end up watching Beyonce with Colly poo face that night.  He didn't love it the first time and we couldn't take Beyonce bashing a second time around.  Nope.  We did something else, and then when Collin went back to Texas for the evening, we popped Beyonce right in and watched a few songs, just to end things on the right note.

Now even though not everyone appreciates Beyonce quite like we do, people have finally started to understand our undying love and admiration for the amazing woman. Now I've said it once and I'll say it again, but dougy fresh is always the nicest.  He just doesn't make the stabs at me the other boys do.  Leave it to my boy Dougy that when things got a little hectic for me, he knew exactly what I needed.

Yep. He just gets me. Thanks Dougy.
I love him. 

Oh and side note: All boys mentioned in this blog post are single, cooler than a pringle, and ready to mingle, so ladies, let me know if you're interested and i will do what i can to put in a good word for you.  ;)

Friday, September 21, 2012

where every little thing had its own secret little life

Welllllllcome to iPhone iFun iFriday.
(yeah i'm cool like that.) 

If you know me, even a little bit, you know I lava lava all things steve jobs.
I heart my iPad
I heart my MacBook

and you better believe 
I heart my iPhone.

I heart it for a multitude of reasons, and I figured it was time I start sharing the love.  So as previously mentioned, we're going to start engaging in a little thing called 

iPhone iFun iFriday  
yep. you're gonna love it. and if you don't, you should. 

Remember this cute little bestie??

Well hi there Hermana Agua. 
She's probably so sad in this picture because she misses me so much.  She's also probably so sad in this picture because she misses HER iPhone so much. 

Madi and I love love loved our iPhones, because (pre mission) she has never been further than a FaceTime away.  We became overly attached to HeyTell, obsessed with Instagram, and right before she left we fell head over heels in love with SnapChat.  There was seriously not a single day, and sometimes not a single hour that went by without me getting a snapchat from my best girl.  The day she left we were snapchatting (from my phone of course) some of our favorite boys right before she went into the MTC.  Yeah. We loved snapchat.  However, with the beginning of her mission came the overly depressing end of my favorite app, because no matter how many snap buddies I have, no one understands snapchat like my girl Madi. 

Just as I began to accept my sudden lack of ghost notifications, this bad boy popped up on my screen.

You can imagine my surprise as I received this TWO weeks after Madi left to the MTC.  I opened it to see the smiling faces of two of my favorite nieces, what would usually be a great surprise.  But it was a little too soon for me to be getting fake snaps from "madi".  So naturally being the mature 21 year old adult Aunt in the situation I snapchatted those little monsters back and said

"That wasn't funny"

Because I miss my Madi. I miss her lots. 
But if there is anything that could possibly come close to filling the void left my by 5'11" friend its her teeny tiny counterpart that happens to share both of our genes.

This was the snapchat that Ms. Brinley Rey Peterson sent in return to my snotty remark:

And obviously my heart melted.  How could it not with such an overly appropriate, yet oh so humorous response?!  I love her. I love her so much.  This little girl is my BFF.
And she acts like she's 14.  
Now my days are spent eagerly awaiting 12:30 when my daily Brinley Snapchats can begin.
See? Aren't iPhones so great?

no iPhone would mean no snapchat. 


Friday, August 31, 2012

i hope you find it on the first try

In case you've been dismayed over a lack of pictures of jensen on this blog.

dear jord. spend more time with me. get more pictures on the blog. lahv yuuuuuu

Friday, August 3, 2012

all good things are the same

Today I had my ah-ha moment.

Today I realized that everything in life really is connected.

You see today I realized that my all time favorite TV show

Has the same initials as my all time favorite car.

This is happiness my friends.  The highest degree of happiness.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

you better listen to her

Let me just start out right now and say I have an incredible mother.  That woman worked full time as a nurse at a hospital and ALSO was a full time mom.  There was never a day in my life that I went without clean clothes, food on the table, a clean house, and whatever else I may have needed.  That woman is a close to a saint as any mormon could be. 
Now. that being said, I had a working mother.  No matter how saint like she was, we were still four very  busy kids, left unattended at times.  We kept ourselves entertained, we kept ourselves clean, and most importantly we kept ourselves fed.  That means we grew up on a lot of cold cereal.  No seriously though.  We loved that stuff.  We must have gone through a gallon of milk a day.  In fact all of the kids in our neighborhood always talked about how we had all the best cold cereal.  We always thought we were in heaven.  
As we got a little older, we branched out of cold cereal and started preparing ourselves meals that were a little healthier,  a little more well balanced, gave us a little variety, you know, meals that actually took preparing.  But all of us still hold a cereal in a special place in a heart.  Which brings me to the point of this blog post.

Hi! have you had this stuff? It's so good that I literally eat it for dessert at the end of the night.  I love it. Its a little bit of heaven swimming in milk, hanging out with tiny pieces of chocolatey goodness.  AND! Its special K.  So its almost like you can trick yourself into thinking its healthy. 

But really, its incredible.  And I am going to say this about it, you have to have a least two bowls before you judge it.  The first time I tried it was a morning that I had to work.  On days that I have to work i eat my cereal in the car during my 20 minute commute (you better believe i complain about that every opportunity i get) and its usually a rough experience.  So on that particular morning i wasn't impressed with this cereal because I had devoured all of the flakey goodness but hadn't found a single chocolatey surprise.  Thats incredibly disappointing at 5:30 in the morning.  Then after I drinking the remaining milk I found all the chocolatey goodness in hiding at the bottom of the cup.  Thats. The. Worst! 
However, the next day, my day off, I decided to give my cereal a second chance. mostly because my mom had purchased a couple of boxes and I felt obligated to get at least some of it gone. Let me tell you, I am ALL about second chances for the REST of my life thanks to this little cereal.  Now that I know that the chocolate sinks to the bottom of the cup and I have to kind of dig for it to be able to consume it with the crunch flakey goodness, its like eating rainbows and sunshine.  Really. I give this special K two enthusiastic thumbs up. Try it. You won't be disappointed.  And if you by some chance are disappointed, give me the remainder of the box. 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

three to the four i step out the door

Oh hey.  Remember me? Heatherlynn. Don't you fret I've just been hiding out for a month. No big deal.  I guess hiding out isn't a good term for it. I've been partying it up, enjoying my summer before my 17 credit hour (hahahaha makes me laugh every time I see it) starts up.  Please excuse my absence. I will be back reeeeeal soon. In the mean time, take a peaksy into what you've been missing.  Don't worry, all of these will get their very own blog posts soon enough.  Think of this as your exclusive sneak preview.

Yeah i know, i have you wanting more. Tons more. well stay tuned my teeny tiny's.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

got my best DJ on the radiowaves

I wish there were words to express how excited i am for this little guy to come home.
Cassidy Brian Michael Misbach.
(confession, I have no idea which one is actaully his middle name. I have always used both.)

I am freaking out.  I have never laughed so hard as when I am around this kid.

There's the time I called him because I was scared of the bank.
The time we went to prom and I had to drive.
The time he was on my side when my ex boyfriend (his best friend) was being a jerk.
The time he bought us theater pop corn even though we weren't going to a movie.
The time we had a mud fight.
The time we went to wallsburg.
The time I broke his keychain.
The time we watched Madi and Annie smear ice cream all over his car.
The time we went tubing and he spent 80% of the time off his tube helping madi and I.
The time he bought madi and i lunch after tubing.
The time he let nicole and i dress him up and take pictures.
The time he let madi and I wax his chest.
The time we walked rape alley on the third of July.
The time we cups off my fence with water because we had nothing else to do.

I could literally go on for days.

I love this kid. 
And he is coming home soon.
And I am completely freaking out.