Saturday, February 25, 2012

its the light of day that shows me how

Because there are some thoughts a brewing in my head:

Mi madre and Chubs are in Idaho for ballroom tour.  Roz is probably so bored.

Jensen: How do you spell your mom's name? Just like it sounds?
Me: R-O-S-A-L-I-N.
Jensen: Okay then I will spell it R-O-Z Dash L-Y-N.

Madi is coming to town next week. And we are going to play with Annie Madsen. I feel like we should take a picture, and then put it on a hat, and then send it to England.  Yep.  Good Idea.

I just barely downloaded Waka Waka, because bennett used to hate it, because zach used to love it.  And now that the dust has settled I love it.  Don't tell bennett.

I'm so excited to watch Claire this summer.  So excited. So stoked.

Gus. Do you blog stalk me? Will you finish my camera bag?

I am so glad  CBell is home. But I just really really want Dougie home now.  Even if those lame boys are going to California without me.

Sometimes, after I blog stalk for an extended period of time, I feel like I won't ever be a good mother or wife and I just shouldn't try.

Oh and I absolutely, with all my being, hate and despise the name Heather. Please call me Heatherlynn. Or Lynna. Or even Bug.

I'm going to go waste 3 hours on pinterest now.

xoxo Bug

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Never been so easy or so slow

And this my friends, is why I always have, and always will love Miley Cyrus.

Dress perfection. Hair perfection. Make up perfection. Song perfection. Voice perfection.