Friday, March 30, 2012

make this dream the best i've ever known

Friday Facts.

  • I really do love my job.  Its the greatest job in the world.  Partially due to the tiny little people that I get to see come into this world.  Partially due to the crazy old ladies I work with. 
  • I will never be able to complete the rubiks cube.
  • Tomorrow is my Seventh anniversary with Burl and Agnes. Holla! Still holding strong! (side note, being 13 years old and on a PCA makes for some interesting decisions. Like naming two titanium rods on either side of your spine Burl, and Agnes.)
  • I very very rarely say "holla" out loud.  But I text it, and type it all of the time. Weird.
  • Do you watch the vampire diaries?? I'm sorry, but Steffan is so fine. I know its another stupid vampire show, but really, just watch it for Steffan. 
  • General Conference Weekend.  So stoked.  Looking for lots of guidance this time around.
  • I stink at writing missionaries these days.  They are all going to come home and hate me a little bit.
  • I say "yikes bikes" a solid 15 times a day. Thanks Coach V!!!!
  • I am blogging purely to procrastinate planning the easter party at mi casa next saturday. Yikes bikes.
  • Really need to finish chubs senior pictures, but I'm sick of all my usual photo spots. Idea's any one??

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Go shorty, it's your birthday.

So the other day my mama asked me to go grocery shopping with her. I said yes, because I'm a high quality daughter like that.

We stumbled across some little sponge animals that were supposed to expand when you put them in water. Most of them were little green turtles, and as you well know, green is my most favorite color in the world.

Heatherlynn: mom you should
Buy me these

Mom: no.

Heatherlynn: please?! I really want them!

Mom: no. Why do you want them?

Heatherlynn: so I can watch them grow!!

Mom: Well I wanted to watch you grow and that definitely never happened.

Ouch mama! Not feeling the love. It's not my fault I'm so close to the ground.

Friday, March 23, 2012

gotta get down on friday

Friday Facts.

  • Literally the only thing getting me through work today is the prospect of going to Hunger games with Annie and Collin.
  • Chances are I have added "ie" to the end of your name at some point in our friendship.  Whether it be behind your back, or to your face, it has happened. And it usually sticks. (isn't that right Joshie? Brookie Cookie? Dougie?)
  • Pay Day in high school was about 26 times cooler than pay day in college. Pay Day in high school meant a fat check in my bank account and only two short weeks to blow it all.  Pay Day in college means 6 hours of having money 1 hour of paying bills and 13 days of being broke. Holla.
  • Annie and I have an irrational fear of texting Collin.  The only time we fight is when we have to contact Collin and then its 30 minutes of "You do it!" "no its your turn!" "But he likes you better" "no way he likes you best!" 
  • I stalk Jilly Bean (yet another example of me adding "ie" to the end of the name) on facebook anywhere from 3-5 times a day.
  • I love giving people nick names. And I love it even more when the nick name sticks. Its like me leaving my mark on their lives. Forever.
  • I have been dreaming about the Hunger Games for about 4 nights now.
  • The only reason I curl my hair is because I feel like it makes me look taller.  I also blow dry my hair upside down for added volume, for added height. #Shortgirlproblems.
  • I wish hash tagging was a part of everyday life.  By which I mean in conversation, in texting, in blogging, and most definitely in charting. "Pt with family visitors #allfreakingday"

Thursday, March 22, 2012

'cause you look so scrumptious

Listen. I know these are impossibly small and difficult to read. 
I'm not super blog savvy.
I'm just not.

But You NEEEEED to click them so they get bigger so you can read them
because it is awesome. 

And I want to give this guy $3,250 just to walk behind me and narrate my life.

Ps. This ad says to contact "doug" from provo. 
I am currently awaiting a confirmation that Dougie So Fresh is still in New York because I swear he could have written this. 

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

getting higher than the empire state

Okay peeeeeples. We all know how I love to blog stalk.
Even though I haven't been THE BEST at keeping up on my blog (annie, I'm sorry I suck)
I'm still up to date on all my favorite bloggers dirty lives.
And every now and then I stumble across a post that stands out in my mind.
One that makes me think, and think, and think. One that makes me want to blog a response.  And that my dear friends, is what has brought us together today.

We all know I love my girl Madi.  I love her in the kind of
 tall-gorgeous-lives-in-new-york-and-has-an-awesome-videographer-career-so-we-kind-of-hate-her way.
But mostly, I just love her.
The other day she posted this. And I about died laughing, because draw something is legit. But then I saw the whole "this world is not made for tall people" thing, and felt the needs to clear something up.


Let's talk about grocery shopping. 
Can I please just tell you how awesome it is to be at the grocery store and spot the item you need on the top shelf.  And then even on your tip toes with your arms stretched all the way above your head, your finger tips still barely brush the second to top row.  And there is always some random passerby (or my personal favorite, a store clerk) standing in the aisle to awkwardly stare at you while you try and jump and hit the glass bottle of apple juice down into your cart. Of course there is always the option of not jumping but instead climbing on top of your grocery cart, praying with everything you have some little four year old monster doesn't come around and "accidentally" push it causing you to fall to your unstable pre-packaged baked goods death to reach that stupid hot sauce.
Or when the item you need is not on the top shelf, but so far pushed to the back that your tiny t-rex arms still can't reach, leaving you no option but to literally crawl into the oh-so-comfortable metal shelves to try and retrieve.
Then after you complete all of these death defying stunts, its time to check out.  OH WAIT, that stupid debit card machine is placed just high enough to be uncomfortably out of vision. So you spend the next four minutes trying to balance on your tip toes to see what you're actually typing on that dang touch pad while making awkward small talk with the check out lady.  
Add the crowning glory of losing control of the shopping cart you are pushing because it is almost at shoulder height and you have a Short Chick's shopping trip.

This world is not made for tall people or short people. holla.

oh, and while we're on the subject of Madi.

I hate her. I hate her I hate her I hate her.
Like I love her.
But I hate her.