Tuesday, June 5, 2012

got my best DJ on the radiowaves

I wish there were words to express how excited i am for this little guy to come home.
Cassidy Brian Michael Misbach.
(confession, I have no idea which one is actaully his middle name. I have always used both.)

I am freaking out.  I have never laughed so hard as when I am around this kid.

There's the time I called him because I was scared of the bank.
The time we went to prom and I had to drive.
The time he was on my side when my ex boyfriend (his best friend) was being a jerk.
The time he bought us theater pop corn even though we weren't going to a movie.
The time we had a mud fight.
The time we went to wallsburg.
The time I broke his keychain.
The time we watched Madi and Annie smear ice cream all over his car.
The time we went tubing and he spent 80% of the time off his tube helping madi and I.
The time he bought madi and i lunch after tubing.
The time he let nicole and i dress him up and take pictures.
The time he let madi and I wax his chest.
The time we walked rape alley on the third of July.
The time we cups off my fence with water because we had nothing else to do.

I could literally go on for days.

I love this kid. 
And he is coming home soon.
And I am completely freaking out.