Saturday, July 21, 2012

you better listen to her

Let me just start out right now and say I have an incredible mother.  That woman worked full time as a nurse at a hospital and ALSO was a full time mom.  There was never a day in my life that I went without clean clothes, food on the table, a clean house, and whatever else I may have needed.  That woman is a close to a saint as any mormon could be. 
Now. that being said, I had a working mother.  No matter how saint like she was, we were still four very  busy kids, left unattended at times.  We kept ourselves entertained, we kept ourselves clean, and most importantly we kept ourselves fed.  That means we grew up on a lot of cold cereal.  No seriously though.  We loved that stuff.  We must have gone through a gallon of milk a day.  In fact all of the kids in our neighborhood always talked about how we had all the best cold cereal.  We always thought we were in heaven.  
As we got a little older, we branched out of cold cereal and started preparing ourselves meals that were a little healthier,  a little more well balanced, gave us a little variety, you know, meals that actually took preparing.  But all of us still hold a cereal in a special place in a heart.  Which brings me to the point of this blog post.

Hi! have you had this stuff? It's so good that I literally eat it for dessert at the end of the night.  I love it. Its a little bit of heaven swimming in milk, hanging out with tiny pieces of chocolatey goodness.  AND! Its special K.  So its almost like you can trick yourself into thinking its healthy. 

But really, its incredible.  And I am going to say this about it, you have to have a least two bowls before you judge it.  The first time I tried it was a morning that I had to work.  On days that I have to work i eat my cereal in the car during my 20 minute commute (you better believe i complain about that every opportunity i get) and its usually a rough experience.  So on that particular morning i wasn't impressed with this cereal because I had devoured all of the flakey goodness but hadn't found a single chocolatey surprise.  Thats incredibly disappointing at 5:30 in the morning.  Then after I drinking the remaining milk I found all the chocolatey goodness in hiding at the bottom of the cup.  Thats. The. Worst! 
However, the next day, my day off, I decided to give my cereal a second chance. mostly because my mom had purchased a couple of boxes and I felt obligated to get at least some of it gone. Let me tell you, I am ALL about second chances for the REST of my life thanks to this little cereal.  Now that I know that the chocolate sinks to the bottom of the cup and I have to kind of dig for it to be able to consume it with the crunch flakey goodness, its like eating rainbows and sunshine.  Really. I give this special K two enthusiastic thumbs up. Try it. You won't be disappointed.  And if you by some chance are disappointed, give me the remainder of the box. 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

three to the four i step out the door

Oh hey.  Remember me? Heatherlynn. Don't you fret I've just been hiding out for a month. No big deal.  I guess hiding out isn't a good term for it. I've been partying it up, enjoying my summer before my 17 credit hour (hahahaha makes me laugh every time I see it) starts up.  Please excuse my absence. I will be back reeeeeal soon. In the mean time, take a peaksy into what you've been missing.  Don't worry, all of these will get their very own blog posts soon enough.  Think of this as your exclusive sneak preview.

Yeah i know, i have you wanting more. Tons more. well stay tuned my teeny tiny's.