Friday, September 28, 2012

me and my boo, and my boo boo riding

Guess what? its
iPhone iFun iFriday
I know you've been desperately waiting all week to get another glimpse into the amazing world of my iPhone.  Well wait no more! Its here.
 And its full of juicy text messagey screen shots.
 mmmm delicious.

 I seriously absolutely love that you can take a picture of whatever's on your screen with an iPhone.  Its the greatest thing ever. And it sounds dumb, but I use it literally everyday. Its the greatest. Especially when you're wanting to hold on to a text message moment forever. Like this:

This first piece of greatness I have edited the name out in order to protect this guy (with a girls name) dating future:
Yep.  That really happened. He's an RM mind you.  A full grown man! who spent his saturday morning watching a little kid's cartoon. Oh! and not just morning. He watched a full marathon of it. We're barely friends. (jk i love him)

Okay to fully enjoy and appreciate these next two you need a little background.  First of all go here and watch the whole thing.  Welcome back, i know, you now feel like your life is about to be changed.  It is. Seriously go buy the DVD of the full concert on amazon. IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE. It changed madi and I's.  Thats for dang sure.  We may be a tiny bit obsessed with Beyonce. Just a tiny bit though.  And we feel that its our duty to share the greatness of her 2009 live concert at the Wynn with everyone we know. Oddly enough, not everyone that we have shared this greatness with has enjoyed it like we did. And still do.  Mostly Collin didn't love it. 

Okay, now we can dive into these.
You're shocked, I know.  And I'll have you know that we didn't end up watching Beyonce with Colly poo face that night.  He didn't love it the first time and we couldn't take Beyonce bashing a second time around.  Nope.  We did something else, and then when Collin went back to Texas for the evening, we popped Beyonce right in and watched a few songs, just to end things on the right note.

Now even though not everyone appreciates Beyonce quite like we do, people have finally started to understand our undying love and admiration for the amazing woman. Now I've said it once and I'll say it again, but dougy fresh is always the nicest.  He just doesn't make the stabs at me the other boys do.  Leave it to my boy Dougy that when things got a little hectic for me, he knew exactly what I needed.

Yep. He just gets me. Thanks Dougy.
I love him. 

Oh and side note: All boys mentioned in this blog post are single, cooler than a pringle, and ready to mingle, so ladies, let me know if you're interested and i will do what i can to put in a good word for you.  ;)

Friday, September 21, 2012

where every little thing had its own secret little life

Welllllllcome to iPhone iFun iFriday.
(yeah i'm cool like that.) 

If you know me, even a little bit, you know I lava lava all things steve jobs.
I heart my iPad
I heart my MacBook

and you better believe 
I heart my iPhone.

I heart it for a multitude of reasons, and I figured it was time I start sharing the love.  So as previously mentioned, we're going to start engaging in a little thing called 

iPhone iFun iFriday  
yep. you're gonna love it. and if you don't, you should. 

Remember this cute little bestie??

Well hi there Hermana Agua. 
She's probably so sad in this picture because she misses me so much.  She's also probably so sad in this picture because she misses HER iPhone so much. 

Madi and I love love loved our iPhones, because (pre mission) she has never been further than a FaceTime away.  We became overly attached to HeyTell, obsessed with Instagram, and right before she left we fell head over heels in love with SnapChat.  There was seriously not a single day, and sometimes not a single hour that went by without me getting a snapchat from my best girl.  The day she left we were snapchatting (from my phone of course) some of our favorite boys right before she went into the MTC.  Yeah. We loved snapchat.  However, with the beginning of her mission came the overly depressing end of my favorite app, because no matter how many snap buddies I have, no one understands snapchat like my girl Madi. 

Just as I began to accept my sudden lack of ghost notifications, this bad boy popped up on my screen.

You can imagine my surprise as I received this TWO weeks after Madi left to the MTC.  I opened it to see the smiling faces of two of my favorite nieces, what would usually be a great surprise.  But it was a little too soon for me to be getting fake snaps from "madi".  So naturally being the mature 21 year old adult Aunt in the situation I snapchatted those little monsters back and said

"That wasn't funny"

Because I miss my Madi. I miss her lots. 
But if there is anything that could possibly come close to filling the void left my by 5'11" friend its her teeny tiny counterpart that happens to share both of our genes.

This was the snapchat that Ms. Brinley Rey Peterson sent in return to my snotty remark:

And obviously my heart melted.  How could it not with such an overly appropriate, yet oh so humorous response?!  I love her. I love her so much.  This little girl is my BFF.
And she acts like she's 14.  
Now my days are spent eagerly awaiting 12:30 when my daily Brinley Snapchats can begin.
See? Aren't iPhones so great?

no iPhone would mean no snapchat.