Wednesday, November 28, 2012

to do the thing we never had

So I missed the whole "be thankful" for November thing.
Its okay! You're not even mad about it. I promise, you still love me and you still love to read my blog.

Anyway, if I HAD done the "thankful November" thing, I most definitely would have included how THANKFUL I am for my friends. Especially my Best Friends.

Which brings me to this sweet kid.
Meet Collin.

Col is what I like to refer to as my Bestie with Testies (his words, not mine (but you gotta admit, its clever.))  And he really is the best.  Thats the only way I can think to describe him. The best. Collin and I met waaaaaaaay back in our teeny bopper high school days.  I thought he was like totes the hottest. He though I was like totes the shortest. Turns out we were both right. I mean, really? Look at him. He's darling.  
Anyway, Collin and I managed to stay friends through High School and then became even better friends after we graduated.  Then when our boy here was forced to flee the country and hide out in Mexico for 2 years, (haaaa, jokes, he was on his mission kids, and he was a killlllllller missionary fyi) I somehow got stuck with the role of Elder Bell's secretary, sending him letters every week and tossing in the occasional package to show I cared.  And then when the teeny tiny near mexican finaaaaally came home, we stayed friends.  The best of as a matter of fact.  And we still are.  The BFF's.  And he puts up with me. A lot. sometimes even when he shouldn't.  I told him that I am pretty sure I was put in his life to show him what it would be like to have a sister (this boy only  has one Big brother. And I mean it when I say BIG.)
Anyway, just like in any brother/sister or BFF relationship, we fight sometimes. Usually because we are both super stubborn and neither of us ever want to be the one to give in.  But in the end we always make up, and then we're right back to being the cutest bff twinners ever.  And sometimes, after we fight, and I'm super bummed, because I haaaaaaate fighting with him he does really nice things. Like this.  
You didn't believe me when I said he was the best huh? Well he is. He's just the very best.  And I'm really really really really really glad he's my bestie with testies. Because my life would be really boring without him. 

and rememebr how he is totes the hottest?

Yeah, well strangely enough, he is also totes the singlest. 
So if any of you darling little ladies want a piece of some delicious Collin Cake, let me know and I'll put in a good word for you.  Really, I got your back.  And he is the beeeeest date. You won't regret a night of gazing deeply into those baby blues. I promise.

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