Thursday, March 21, 2013

cause in this jungle you can't run

Alrighty peeps.
You saw my last blog post.
You know what I'm gonna do.
I have amazing friends. Literally some of the most incredible, amazing, beautiful people in the world are MY friends.  And I think that you all should know them too.  I'm going to celebrate them. So try not to get too jealous of the people in my life, and enjoy my bragging and boasting.

We should probably start off with the girl that I talk about the absolute MOST.

Meet Jensen Nicholle Astle.

She's a fox, and oddly enough she's single.  Boys start lining up because if you're lucky I'll put in a good word for you.  I seriously talk about Jence so much.  I've even been accused of making her sound cooler than she really is.  BUT. I. DON'T.  She's just amazing.  Like for reals. People will start complaining to me about their life, and I automatically spit out, you should meet my friend Jence.

I'll tell you why.
This little beauty is a full time student at Utah Valley University.
She is on Student Government where she is the senator of the school of the Arts.
Sound legit right?
OH WAIT! there's more.
This girl also was on scholarship for the CAL program, and worked in the CAL office at UVU.
After she works her butt off at UVU all day, she attends part time Hair School at night.
She's been at hair school for about 2 years so she's started interning at Salon K as well.
Feeling overwhelmed yet? 
We're not even close to done.
She also has a job as a hostess at Tucano's in the riverwoods,
and works at Old Navy.
Did I mention she also makes time for me? And her million other friends.
I don't think I've ever been in public with Jensen without her running into someone who not only knows her, but absolutely adores her.

She's also been moved out and on her own since she graduated High School.

Told you I don't make her sound cooler than she really is.  She's legit.
I am proud beyond words of this girl and amazed at the fact that she is so busy, so dedicated, and still has the hugest heart of anyone you will ever meet.  If you anything, Jensen is your girl.  She even once gave me the shoes off her feet.  What!?! first friend to EVER share shoes with me. It was amazing.

So to Jensen, I love you, and I am SO proud of you.  You're going to accomplish great things. 

Just stop swearing.

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