Tuesday, April 23, 2013

if you wanna play come and play today

I feel like when every time I sign up for school and classes, I sit and trick myself into thinking finals week isn't going to happen.  I seriously hate finals week.
Even if I'm doing great in all my classes.
Even if I don't have any finals to take.
Even if I'm not even in school for the semester.
Finals week rolls around and every one I know starts to get high stress and high maintenance.
Thats what I get for surrounding myself with a bunch of brainiacs. 

Well Listen. Turns out this semester I do have kind of a lot of finals.
And a lot of tests I should be studying for.  
I should probably be feeling stressed and overwhelmed.

So when Monday rolled around this week, I prepared the only way that I thought would help me ace my finals.

I didn't open my text books or notes one dang time.

I was too busy eating costa vida and watching zoey 101.

I'll let you know how that plays out for me.

who knew victoria justice was in zoey 101?

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